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Rebekah Powell (she/her) is a #1-award winning songwriter, certified master life coach, founder of Heartsongs Music, and artist.



After growing up in Nashville in a family of hit songwriters, she began her music career at the age of 16 when she became the youngest person to ever perform for Congress to advocate for songwriters’ rights. She’s gone on to work with celebrated artists and producers such as Zooey Deschanel (of She & Him), Ward Thomas, James Otto, Sarah Darling, Aaron Eshuis, Jennette McCurdy, Dav & Johnny Julca, TyDi, Alice on the Roof, and many others. She has over 50 cuts on major, best-selling, and critically-acclaimed albums in several genres and received a #1 Award for her 10-song contribution to Ward Thomas’s chart-topping record Cartwheels, the first and only country album to ever reach #1 in the UK. 

As a songwriter and coach, she explores the power of storytelling to unlock deep presence and authentic self-expression. Over the last decade plus, she has hosted workshops on creativity, mentored writers and artists, and co-facilitated quarterly team-building keynotes for a Fortune 100 company. She currently serves as a mentor for Nashville Songwriters Association International. 

In 2017, she was certified by the Institute for Equus Coaching to facilitate transformative inner work in partnership with horses and in 2022 certified as a Master Facilitator Equus Coach, which incorporates the work and tools of Martha Beck and Brené Brown among others. She has also completed continuing education courses on nature-based coaching, crafting ceremonies, boundaries, understanding trauma, and mindful self-compassion with Drs. Kristin Neff and Christopher K. Germer and completed 5 years of coursework at the Institute for the Work of Byron Katie, a meditative tool that supports people in identifying and transforming painful beliefs. She is currently in a 3-year training program to be a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, supporting clients with one of the most effective and gentle trauma integration modalities. When working with clients, she believes each individual is their/his/her own best teacher, and her role as a coach is to be a channel of love, support, and service, creating a safe space for her clients to experience self-love, peace, and joy. Her coaching work can be explored at

As an artist in her own right, she's just getting started. After growing up queer in an abusive literalist church where women weren't allowed to speak, she spent years healing and integrating her own trauma to reach a point where she can speak (and sing) freely. Her forthcoming album Grace and Chaos explores what it means to find your own kind of redemption and salvation amidst a wildly challenging but still beautiful world. It is her hope that, like her songwriting contributions, her own music will support others to realize and trust their own value, inherent worthiness, and power, and know that regardless of what we've experienced, we are capable of creating safety and joy in community.



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