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One month into the new year, are you already feeling depleted? Anxious? Angry? Overwhelmed?

Do you sometimes feel like you're pulling more than your weight and not receiving equal support in return? 

You're not alone. 

In a culture that often overlooks and under-appreciates the incomparable brilliance of women, we choose to rebel! 

Over the course of four coaching workshops, we will explore how individual agency, restorative anger, healthy boundaries, self-love, and a clear, compassionate vision can reignite our JOY and experience stability even in challenging times.


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Feel inspired, uplifted, and empowered by deep coaching and group discussion.

Deepen your experience of self-love, compassion, and resilience.

Reclaim rest, fun, and play as your birthright.

Learn how to make friends with your anger and use it as an agent of peace.

Connect with fellow Extraordinary Rebels all over the country!


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Four Deep-Dive Virtual Group Coaching Workshops led by Master Coaches Rebekah Powell & June Grushka-Rosen

Workshop 1: Permission Slips 

Burn the rulebook, write your own.
Workshop 2: Righteous Rage, Healthy Boundaries 
Turns out anger is your best friend.
Workshop 3: Love Army
Love can turn a ripple effect into a tidal wave.
Workshop 4: A Rebel for Good
Embrace your power and create your vision. 

Access to Rebekah's "Finding Your Faithkeeper" Visualization to help you reconnect and deepen your inner peace, self-love, and strength 

Exclusive .pdf download of the Extraordinary Rebellion Course Journal 

Access to the Extraordinary Rebellion online community hosted by Extraordinary Women's League


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Workshop 1: March 10, 2024

12:30pm PST / 3:30pm EST

Workshop 2: March 24, 2024

12:30pm PST / 3:30pm EST

Workshop 3: April 14, 2024

12:30pm PST / 3:30pm EST

Workshop 4: April 21, 2024

12:30pm PST / 3:30pm EST
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All workshops are 2 hours in length and will be hosted via Zoom with replays included.

about us

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Rebekah Powell

Rebekah Powell (she/her) is a Certified Master Life Coach and #1 Award-Winning Songwriter. She specializes in exploring the power of storytelling and self-compassion to unlock deep presence and authentic self-expression. She is a certified Master Facilitator Equus Coach® through the Center for Equus Coaching and facilitates transformational inner work in partnership with horses.


She has also studied mindful self-compassion with Drs. Kristin Neff and Christopher K. Germer, completed five years of coursework at the Institute for the Work of Byron Katie, and completed continuing education courses on nature-based coaching, crafting ceremony, and understanding trauma. She is currently in the Somatic Experiencing® Professional training program.

Over the last decade plus, she has hosted experience-based retreats and workshops on self-compassion, authenticity, boundaries and resilience, and creativity and play (among others), and co-facilitated quarterly team-building keynotes on the art of collaboration for a Fortune 100 company.

When working with clients, she believes each individual is his/her/their own best teacher, and her role as a coach is to be a channel of love, support, and service, creating a safe space for her clients to experience self-love, peace, and joy.


June Grushka-Rosen, M.Ed.

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June Grushka-Rosen, M.Ed. is the Founder & CEO of ExtraordinarYou Coaching and the Extraordinary Women’s League. An Empowered Women’s Life, Love and Leadership Coach with a master’s degree in counseling psychology, she has decades of experience working as a therapist and coaching individuals, groups, Universities, organizations, and corporations. She’s the founder and CEO of both ExtraordinarYou Co. and The Extraordinary Women’s League, helping her clients get unstuck without becoming unglued. 

June is respected in her field, working closely with her private coaching clients and members of the Extraordinary Women’s League Community, with laser-sharp skilled guidance,  honed strategic tools and a giant heart. Her signature framework for living an Extraordinary Life has helped thousands of women reignite their passion and purpose, untangle old patterns and limiting beliefs, and find the unstoppable confidence to actualize their important goals, dreams, and deep desires. 

June is a champion for all issues faced by women and a lover of humanKIND, art, design, music, travel, and making and eating extraordinary dishes. Her happy place is by the ocean and in warm authentic conversation with friends old and new.

June is eternally grateful to her “Love Army” of people in the EWL Community, friends, family and the ICU medical team who supported her and her two kids Sasha & Eli, when her husband Jon was gravely ill with COVID in 2020. Harnessing the power of humanity within us all, June is a firm believer that when we live in the field of miracles, miracles happen.

client compliments

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Finding so much benefit in carving out time for myself and creating space for an experience like this. I found myself looking genuinely forward to the sessions each week, and I was able to achieve the personal goal I set for myself at the beginning of the program.


Each session has brought at least one "aha" moment or new insight/perspective. Can't ask for more than that!


I notice I am finally coming out of pain and starting to explore these new opportunities and life ahead of me. Rebekah is absolutely amazing. She is calm, collected, compassionate, professional, warm, and loving.


join us

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8 Hours of Deep-Dive Coaching led by Master Coaches Rebekah Powell & June Grushka-Rosen

"Finding Your Faithkeeper" Visualization to help you reconnect and deepen your inner peace, self-love, and strength 

Exclusive .pdf download of the Extraordinary Rebellion Course Journal 

Connect and build community with other Extraordinary Women across the country

*Please note! Because this is being hosted by Extraordinary Women's League, this series is open to people to identify as women.


$1,280   Value

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ready for more?

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12-month membership

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Sign up for a 12-month membership in Extraordinary Women's League AND Extraordinary Rebellion for 45% Bundled Savings!

The Extraordinary Women's League (EWL) is a coaching community founded and led by June Grushka-Rosen designed to ignite women at any age and stage to address core issues hindering personal or professional success while forming inspired friendships in a supportive, inspiring community of truly Extraordinary Women in the process.

The EWL empowers women (often successful women or women with a growth mindset) to identify, develop, and put into action their innate power to celebrate their unique gifts and make their important impact while celebrating the gift that lies in a community of authentic women unleashed. 

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